Meaning-2-Play Office


At Meaning-2-Play our purpose and commitment go far beyond playgound installations.

Our vision includes a complete commitment to early childhood development — intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual.

We are constantly working to increase the opportunities we can provide for children to learn, grow, and have fun in purposeful and creative ways.


(What makes us different?)

  • We are NPSI certified to inspect and repair playgrounds and surfaces.
  • We use turf-friendly tractors and equipment, resulting in minimal disruption to areas surrounding the playground.
  • We are concerned about meeting kids’ overall educational and developmental needs-not just installing playgrounds.
  • Our installation team is made up of mature, experienced craftsmen who understand who we work for, ultimately the kids your customer cares about.
  • We don’t cheat on the stuff you don’t see, like how much concrete is used to set columns, etc.
  • We love kids and don’t mind them watching us work or asking questions. We also understand the delicate balance of interacting with kids while avoiding situations that could raise questions or increase liability.